Apr 14, 2005

Should have mentioned earlier that Pearsall has been holding it down over at Riddim.ca while I struggle through the final stages (the part of where you have to write a lot of stuff that you're already tired of thinking about) of my MA work. His recent reviews include the forthcoming Virus Syndicate album (big up Attila and Mike for that one), Ruff Sqwad's "Guns n' Roses" mixtape, and L-Man's "Facts of Life." So 3 cheers for Pearsall.

I'll be doing a lot more over there come May, including a possible overhaul of the whole site and, hopefully, a lot of interviews. Intelligence sources tell me that the Steady Merkin crew should be watched in the next couple of months as well.


In other news, mixed treats from DJ Gutter himself. Happens to be big.



Blogger Pearsall Helms said...

It's no problem dude.

10:39 PM


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