Dec 16, 2004

mp3 - Dark III

The dark before Christmas. Our third installment from the dark side of things past. Three licks from the one like the Bizzy B. I've been saving this one until I had the time and the server space to do the man justice.

The other day I missed out on a pretty wicked Bizzy 12" ("Dubplate Wars" b/w "Obsession") from Brain records as the bidding quickly got a too rich for my PayPal account. However, I did pick up something else that folks might enjoy. So watch out for a whole heap of darkness in the coming months. And some other stuff too ;)

mp3 - Bizzy B "Dark III" (Whitehouse, 1993)

Remember the Manchester-goes dark sequence in Michael Winterbottom's 24 Hour Party People? It begins with that 'solemn string pads' mix of of Moby's "Go" set to a nighttime helicopter shot of the city; then on to the smiley people inside the Hacienda. Tony tells us how guns and drugs are flooding the scene and that the good times couldn't last forever. The magic ends and real life crashes in. The sounds change, and it's the birth of Gunchester - set to an awfully Big Beat for the era.

Now if I were lucky enough to be the person choosing music for Michael's films I'd have followed Moby with "Dark III." No question. Check out the looped string at 1:08. Sounds like "Go" to me - sped up too fast, tense, suspended. Stuck in a loop that it can't sustain. Then there's the moan, and in come the gunshots, again and again. The beat comes tearing back in. Rave's hopeful strings run out of gas, but the breaks keep rolling. That's just the first two minutes.

mp3 - Warped Kore "The Power" (Whitehouse, 1993)

This one's a little reminiscent of Nasty Habits' "Here Come the Drumz" but a little more more mental. Big atmospherics, rough and flange-y breaks, and those slurpy, searing hoovers that Bizzy does so well. Ooh yeah.

mp3 - Bizzy B "Slow Jam" (Whitehouse, 1993)

Wicked, scary things going on here. Absolute ardkore 'oover madness, mate! Or something like that.


Blogger GTTRBRKZ said...

These are absolutely MENTAL, Paul! Love it!! Bizzy's got the most beautiful one-track mind. Over ten years of doing this crazy shit. respec'!!

8:18 AM

Blogger paul autonomic said...

:) Yeah the man certainly knows what he likes. And he does it so well. Check out these tunes that passed me by on eBay. I ripped the m3u streams of the clips. Dubplate wars is dirty dirty business. Obsession is a stonking piano-ragga mashup.

Dubplate Wars (clip)
Obsession (clip)

1:41 PM

Blogger marc said...

yep, love those tunes. lucky enough to pick up them on vinyl from ebay but they weren't cheap.

bizzi's stuff is nuts, those dense layered breaks, as dark as you like. can't seem to find much of his stuff before 93 though, not sure if he was producing tracks earlier than that. curiously i'm not so much into his newer releases, they aren't as "buzzy" as his old tunes, but still worth picking up for completeness! ;)

warpedkore the power is also a favourite - thinking of including this on a new old skool mix.

8:21 AM

Blogger ilya said...

I didn't know "The Power" was by Bizzy B but should have known, it's on Whitehouse. One of my favorite jungle/ardkore tracks ever. Gotta love how there's like 4 different tracks inside it. That little string and female vocal breakdown is so rushtastic.

10:24 AM


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