Nov 28, 2004

Toronto Crew: Where d'you get yr Grime?

I'm stumped. Where are people in Toronto getting their Grime fix? I'm assuming it's mostly downloaded stuff. I've downloaded practically everything I've got. Haven't tried Soulseek yet because setting it up under OS X seems to require a bit of alchemy.

But in terms of buying records, mix tapes or discs - is there any place even in Southern Ontario that has much of anything? The last couple of times I went to Play De Record and said "Grime" I got blank looks from the counter staff. It's always been my spot for Hip Hop and Jungle, but I think they're missing the boat on this one. Does anyone have other suggestions? I might order the odd thing from the UK but exchange rates and shipping make that a pretty expensive proposition.

So any help would be well appreciated? Luca? Robert?


Blogger Robert said...

sorry Paul...some people think im a grime-head, but im not, really...i just pay attention...and to all kinds of different musics

all the grime stuff i have is downloaded :)

5:13 PM

Blogger paul autonomic said...

Thanks Robert. I'm pretty much in the same boat. Maybe the man like the Captain can shed some light.

5:26 PM

Blogger cris said...

Well considering grime is just plum not here as a scene in the physical world, you're going to either have to stick to mail order or go to a store that caters to the tastes of internet music enthusiasts like soundscapes or rotate this. Dance or hiphop stores like PDR won't sell it until there's already a whole bunch of peoople playing it out .. which just isn't happening. I'd suggest working less and using that time to produce music.

7:57 PM

Blogger paul autonomic said...

Yes, having more time to make tunes would be nice. But I've gone back to school so music making is definitely on the back burner for the time being. Thanks for the suggestions. I was hoping for a source that might have more on vinyl than just the biggest names + maybe tape/CD packs as well. Internet it is then.

12:39 AM

Blogger luca lucarini said...

yoyo here's the deal.

play d is notoriously behind on the newest trends. (i recall the bit in "rave america" describing how back in the early 90's play d would only get in a single crate of jungle records / week and auction them off to the highest bidder lol). i've actually spoken to ryan (aka big boy DJ frankie gunns) about the possibility of ordering grime. he knows the tunes inside out but says that's it's not profitable enough for the store to order them given the fact that there are poor distribution channels and a scarcity of tunes (mostly white labels which sell out quickly enough in london let alone making their way to T.O.)

rotate this has got the hookup at least in terms of the stuff on XL + 679, they've gotten in every dizzee rascal single, and the first wiley single. in addition i just picked up the streets fit but u know it remix/get out of my house remix with all those grime MC's on it. but of course these are all records out on major-indies. it's impossible otherwise to get the realu underground stuff.

i grabbed a whole bunch of stuff cos' i was in london last month, and i've also ordered stuff from ryhthm division online that has yet to arrive. the shipping is kind of a bitch but it's worth it. i mean, with shipping the price of a 12" comes to something like $20, which only a few bucks more than you would pay at play d.

in terms of the internet, DC++ is the hookup for MP3's...

12:41 PM

Blogger Mat said...

"Grime, or Grimey, As it likes to be called".
I've got all the grime you need.... under the oven... behind my fridge... It's all yours guy.

4:32 PM

Blogger paul autonomic said...

Luca: Thanks Luca. I figured you'd know the score. I think I might have asked Mr Gunns about stuff last winter but not much came of it. On the plus side, he hooked me up with a fantastic out of print Whitehouse Records compilation. That sucks about PDR though. To be honest I haven't shopped there regularly for over a decade but I've not been too sure where else to go. I wonder if Eastern Bloc would have been any use if it was still open. Anyway, your economic reasoning actually inspired me to place a small order with Rhythm Division. I'm pretty happy with that. And don't get me started on how jealous I am of your London Grime spree. Maybe I can get over there in the next year.

Mat: Thx dude. I might have to hit you up for some of that. We were in grime heaven in that place at Yonge and Finch. Dirtiest grimiest stankiest... Have they torn place down yet?

10:05 PM

Blogger luca lucarini said...

easy, easy paul. the way i see it those white labels are gonna be hella desirable in a few years time...

7:50 AM

Blogger paul autonomic said...

I know. It's crazy. I keep feeling like it's the equivalent of buying something like Remarc's RIP when it first came out.

1:40 PM

Blogger paul autonomic said...

Exciting times.

1:43 PM


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