Nov 24, 2004

mp3 - My First Hoover

AforP enters the world of mp3-bloggery today. However, this is more of a test. Posts will be sparse until I move back to Laughing Squid and expand my server space. I won't ever be as regular or thorough as the excellent Spoilt Victorian Child, but I'm hoping to assemble some themed posts over the next few months that let me share bits of my music collection and maybe get some discussion going.

The inaugural post takes a cue from Gutterbreakz' nascent Belgian Hardcore series and today's offering from Richie Hawtin's F.U.S.E.

Living in Ontario in the early 1990s, it was nice to have at least one relevant techno label (+8) operating relatively close by because it meant that mail order was more of a possibility. I sent for the catalogue and picked up the requisite Plastikman + Speedy J's "Something for your Mind." I'd heard the Speedy J track on a mixtape and got hooked. It was my introduction to the magical hoover. Unfortunately, the record I ordered didn't sound much at all like the track on my tape. And subsequent tunes I found from Speedy were another beast altogether. What I was after was the Exposure Remix from Belgian label Music Man. This was before Discogs so I had a hard time tracking it down. Finally, years later, the original Napster hooked me up.

In truth, this song is downright monotonous. Yet anytime I put it on I play it all the ways through and give it a couple of rewinds. So without anymore babble, here's a little taste of the Windsor/Amsterdam/Belgium axis.

mp3: Speedy J - "Something for your Mind" (Exposure Remix) (Music Man, Belgium 1992)


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