Dec 5, 2004

mp3 - Cannibal business

Only Cannibalism unites us. Socially. Economically. Philosophically.

The unique law of the world. The disguised expression of all individualisms, all collectivisms. Of all religions. Of all peace treaties.

Tupi or not tupi that is the question.

Against all catechisms. And against the mother of the Gracos.

I am only interested in what’s not mine. The law of men. The law of the cannibal.

- Oswald de Andrade

mp3 - Funk Neurotica - Track 16

Too tired to trace this one's family tree right now. But think Bambaataa, Miami, 80 Aum, "I'll House You," and '80s Coldcut with Popeye stomping around and yelling shit in Portuguese over top of it all. Really into the static-y synth stabbing along to tumbling drums. It's like Infernal Noise Brigade in my dreams.


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