Dec 5, 2004

mp3 - Big tune!

Before Andy C was doing whatever he does now, he made this bad-trip anthem as the other half of Origin Unknown.

Despite the 'long dark tunnel' theme, this tune breaks from the aural claustrophobia that characterized a lot of its Darkside illk. The sound is wide - less sealed in a box; more lost in a void. Swimming bells with announcements and a lazy bass that might just slurp up any loafers that let down their guard.

mp3 - Origin Unknown "Valley of the Shadows" (RAM Records, 1993)

Some news:
I'll be upping my server space several fold in the next while. Until then you may may notice older tracks disappearing. They'll be back after the switch.

Also, stay tuned for the third Dark installment. I've been looking forward to this one.


Blogger Robert said...

geez, what a classic...took me a second, and then i was like, Oh no waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :)

5:05 PM


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