Nov 29, 2004

mp3 - Hello Darkness

Right. So winter's here and we've entered that long dark tunnel between October and March. There's practically no sun and the freezing rain is about to turn to snow. Worse still, the weather won't be this awesome again for a good four months. Bloody freezing hell.

So to make things a little more fun (or torturous - I'm not sure yet), I'm starting my first thematic mp3 series. Personal obsession and seasonal depression will be colluding to bring you a selection of dirty, dour, corny and spine-tingling Darkside chunes.

I'm going to try to be really orthodox about this - just tracks called "Dark ...," "... Dark," "Dark+suffix," and so forth. Once in a while I might change it up and throw in a tune that just has a sample that says something about things being dark, getting dark, etc., but that's about it. You get the picture. I'm not a fan of winter, but together we'll pull through this. So grab a couple of snowballs and turn down the lights...

Watch the ride...

mp3: Tango and Ratty - Tales From the Darkside (1992)

This was surprise find at my friend's shop the other day. A clear sign of winter's descent. It's a pretty decent tune from that moment when 909 kicks were giving way to stuttering breaks. This song has just about everything - a B-boy chipmunk, clean sine-bass, dirty distorted stabs, slow breaks and manic ones. I particularly like the chopped human beatbox during the string breakdown around 2:40.

More to come. Enjoy!


Blogger N.E. said...

Nice one, Paul - I like the direction you're taking! The great thing is that there's so much material to be had from excavating rave history that we need never step on each other's toes. Onward, brethren....

7:21 AM

Blogger paul autonomic said...

Cheers Nick. I'm totally taking the lead from your mp3 blog style but you're right, there's loads of material out there to play with. Look out for a couple of Hip Hop series in the near future. Warning: I have some Pingu material up my sleeve too.

9:41 AM

Blogger John said...

really feeling the 'tales from the darkside' track. a lot of this stuff has passed me by because i was too young at the time. more stuff like this please/

6:48 PM

Blogger paul autonomic said...

Thanks MPC. It's on the way ;)

Nice work with your recent Grime posts, BTW.

3:44 AM

Blogger John said...

thanks. i've been a bit crazy with the almost coherent posts recently.

i might need a bit of a rest.

4:57 PM


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