Dec 21, 2004

mp3 - Bmore

K. This is making me happy right now. I've been playing this fragment of a DJ K-Swift radio rip over and over today, interspersed with some Favela Funk and Dizzee's "Hoe." There's definitely a mashed up, post-break thread linking the three. If anyone can identify anything being played here I'd be very interested. More soon, I hope.

mp3 - DJ K-Swift Radio Rip - 92Q Baltimore


Blogger luca lucarini said...

that first tune with the horn riff is also on the hollertronix mix tape, it's a pretty big baltimore breaks tune, "tear the club up" or something like that, the it sounds like she's mixing in a BB edit of "shake ya ass" by mystikal (really sped up), not sure about the last one....

defo a breaks feel to all of those tracks, it's interesting how close a lot of american booty breaks sound to english hardcore. i have this one 90's booty record by prince rahim called "rick wit it" that has a remix that sounds just like early 90's mentasm nutter hardcore (sirens and all.)

4:08 PM

Blogger paul autonomic said...

thx for the bmore id. i've also heard it in the dj/rupture post-election mix (the horns at least) - i think where "hoe" gives way to "chi ching." i think i'll look into this stuff a bit more after xmas.

12:20 PM

Blogger ilya said...

Heh, I live in Baltimore but I don't know any of the tracks. I kind of stopped listening to the radio. I'd like to think this stuff sounds like hardcore, but it doesn't really. Only vaguely so. There's not enough emotion. It's more like ghetto tech.

It's weird. 92Q often does mixes for the 30 and over crowd where they play older club music and you hear stuff like Adonis "No Way Back" and Dajae "Brighter Days" and all sorts of other late 80's, early 90's house and breakbeat (Renegade Soundwave). But you will never hear anything newer than that. It is like around 1992 it all switched to this Baltimore breaks stuff.

10:18 AM

Blogger ilya said...

Oh, btw, I just listened to the rip. That horn track is sooooo old. I remember it from listening to the radio in like '98. They do a shit load of "club" remixes of popular r'n'b and rap songs too. I think most of this stuff is on cds these days, you can probably buy them somewhere in the city (probably right next to the pirated dancehall cds).

10:21 AM

Blogger luca lucarini said...

it's true when you say that the core emotiveness of hardcore is missing from baltimore breaks. a lot of the drum work is quite close though, and that remix i have is all over the sirens and synths and shit...

10:04 PM

Blogger ilya said...

I think 90% of Baltimore Club Music uses the Think break with all the "you bad sister" and such cut out. All the other beats are programmed in with individual drum hits, there's no beat chopping as far as I can tell. It's really more like house music. And there are absolutely no basslines.

I agree that it is a little bit like hardcore but only in a sense of: dance music around 130 bpm that uses a beat that is not strictly four-to-the-floor and samples from pop songs and does it all in a minimal/roughneck fashion.

8:29 PM


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