Jun 3, 2005

Dub Plate Pressure

If you haven't already checked Kid Kameleon's guest appearance at Gutterbreakz you should head on over. Excellent piece on neo-ragga junglism with a heavy emphasis on the Toronto axis and an equally stellar mix to go along with it. That, plus being nearly at the end of my MA thesis on Toronto jungle put me in the mood to post the city's all-time jungle anthem - "Dub Plate Pressure" by Mystical Influence and his brother Sniper.

This tune came out in 1996 and was meant only to be background filler on the Syrous info line. But the response to it was so huge that they pressed up a batch and folks like Marcus caned it to death for the next couple of years. According to Mystical, it remains so popular to this day that they continue to press up a new batch every six months only to watch it sell out immediately.

The tune gets started with a crashing hip hop-paced break, backed by a guitar you'll recognise from the first Das EFX record (can't remember which song). Sampled vocals by MC GQ are chopped and echoed about. At 2:50, in comes the rinse. Amen business. Two minutes later, a new twist and that North American Remarc bass-via flanger tears in. GQ's screaming his head off about rudebowys and bumbo clots and you're bouncing around with your headphones on waving your lighter 'til you notice the lights are on and your neighbours can see you. Ahem.

mp3 - Mystical Influence / Sniper "Dub Plate Pressure"
(Vinyl Syndicate 1996)

There's a remix too but it's kind of silly.

@ Discogs
@ Play de Record ?

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In related news, I just discovered that Shut Up And Dance have an mp3 shop featuring a good portion of their early catalogue plus some more recent garridge stuff. Find it here.


Blogger Pearsall Helms said...

Can't seem to download it?

1:22 PM

Blogger paul autonomic said...

Seems fine now. I know the my server was down or hiccuping briefly earlier today.

2:01 PM

Blogger Pearsall Helms said...

Yeah, just got it.

2:51 PM

Blogger GTTRBRKZ said...

Cripes..I've been giving away those old SUAD tunes at the Gutterbox for a while now. Guess I'd better cease and desist.

3:23 AM


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