Jan 2, 2005

mp3 - Synchronic kemistry

You're talking about things I haven't done yet
I went to bed planning this post about Goldie, graffiti and teenaged memories of London. "Yes, nice one," I told myself as I dozed off. So I was more than a bit surprised this morning when I found that Spen78 had assembled something remarkably similar while I slept. Scenius at work, innit.

This photo is from the May 1991 issue of Hip Hop Connection (the UK equivalent of The Source). I had it for years before I made the connection to Mr. Platinum Breakz himself. Apparently Goldie was quite the aerosol bomber before he started making music. (He was also living in Miami as the Bass scene was taking shape, which is interesting given recent discussions of possible Miami/Ardkore links.) I'm assuming that the piece is named in part for his friend Kemi of Kemistry and Storm - the pair who reputedly introduced him to Fabio and Grooverider's breakbeat experi-mentalism at Rage in 1991.

mp3 - Goldie "Kemistry" (Grooverider Mix)

In April 1991, my mom and I went to Britain - Leeds area to see family and London for fun. I was excited about buying music in a real city and sussed out what seemed to be the best spots. The funny thing is that I was looking for American Hip Hop which was practically impossible to find where I lived (an isolated lumber and shipping city a half hour north of the Minnesota border). I remember walking right by a gold mine of 12" 'Dance' vinyl at HMV on Oxford St. - undoubtedly teeming with fresh copies of "Mentasm," "LFO," "Mr Kirk's Nightmare" and all the rest of it. I was interested in Rave at the time, but I had no idea what to look for and, more so, I was on a mission to beef up my collections of Dancehall and Afro-centric Hip Hop. And I did, in spades. Paris, Shabba, X Clan, Gangstarr, Stetsasonic... All great stuff that I wouldn't have found otherwise. But within a couple of months I became aware of just what I'd missed out on. It's still agonizing to think about. Luckily, obsessive trawling of p2p nets helps take the edge off. Now my hard drive is full memories I always wanted but never had.

mp3 - X Clan "Heed the Word of the Brother"

mp3 - Top Buzz @ Fantazia NYE 1991

So, lesson learned. At the moment, my (soon-to-be) wife and I are tossing around the idea of a trip to London and this time I'll be better prepared. I just need to figure out which Tube line will get me to Rhythm Division.

PS: Happy New Year everyone and look out for more Darkside posts (including a Goldie/Rufige installment), a couple of Hip Hop series and maybe a Favela Funk exploration in the coming weeks. Brap!


Blogger Dom said...

Quite scary really - Scenius(great word btw) at work.

Goldie was one of the best graf writers out there when he was @ his peak, I reccommend his biography if you can find a copy, it's interesting reading. He was a b-boy before getting into graf - moved to miami where he got his gold teeth - returned to the uk & got into the rave scene, making the excellent & extremely dark "Terminator" & the rest you probably know.

Re Top Buzz - also scaring the hell out of me - I've still got a copy of that set on tape.

Back in the day when I got into rave/hardcore/jungle music it was through the tapes(which spread round our school like wildfire),Fantazia tapes in particular. I wiped over most of the tapes I listened to as a kid (full of chart tracks) with sets by Mickey Finn, Grooverider, DJ Seduction, Ratpack, & more - I think I might make ripping them to mp3 a 2005 objective!!.

Happy New Year to you to.

ps. I will try & upload that Jungle Tekno mix again in the near future.

pps. If your Rufige post involves "Terminator"(just clocked your sub heading!), it would be extremely well received in this part of the blogosphere!!.

7:04 AM

Blogger paul autonomic said...

"If your Rufige post involves "Terminator" *wink wink nudge nudge*

11:06 AM

Blogger luca lucarini said...

paul re: the risky roadz dvd. don't order it. i'll hook you up with a pirated copy. only $15 ;) harhar.

7:18 PM

Blogger Dom said...

I know - not exactly subtle!!

11:31 AM


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