Oct 29, 2005


Sad to see one of my favourites, Bassnation blog, shutting down after a two and a half year run. Posts were always sparse but if something went up you knew it would be high quality - guest mixes by DJ Twist, John Eden, Dave Stelfox and Matt "Woebot" Ingram (I was lined up to do an ardkore laptop mashup but never got my arse in gear), and a large collection from Marc himself, including his famous Old Skool Rewind series. Bassnation will be offline for good in a couple of weeks so if you haven't stocked up on your mixes, now's the time to do it.


Blogger Robert said...

aww crudness!

BassNation will be missed..his oldskool mixes were just incredible

8:52 PM

Blogger marc said...

hey paul, thanks for all the support :)

wish i had the time to keep it up to date - but maybe we can get that dubstep net label we've been discussing for so long off the ground instead!

9:58 AM

Blogger paul autonomic said...

:) i'm in. and as soon as i get a wired router i'll be on msn more often.

9:21 PM


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