Feb 9, 2005

don't front

p2p is the new diggin in the crates.

get me.


Blogger luca lucarini said...

dude re: the FWD riddim. mine got lost when i ordered it too. then it got sent back. now they're sending it back. so when i get i'll hook you up. i've got a 192 rip of it if you want.

5:50 PM

Blogger paul autonomic said...

The rip would be wicked. Many thanks and big up ya self, Luca :)

I've got a rip @ 128 kbps and but it's got too much treble and the end gets all muddy. I've sent a note to Royal Mail about my package and I'm hoping they can find it. Just ordered Risky Roadz. I hope it makes it through. I added a note make sure they put a return addy on it.

PS: Just noticed the news about a Dizzee tour. If I come down to TO for it we should meet up.

8:14 PM

Blogger PRANCEHALL said...

one day i will understand what this means.

i'm only about 12. digging in the crates is old skool.

7:04 PM

Blogger paul autonomic said...

LOL. Big up the prancheall massive.

...and PS Luca - Maybe Wiley's working at Royal Mail, diverting the Bizzle.

9:42 PM


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