Nov 6, 2004

Agit-tronics v. Freedom

So Freedom will be on the rampage for another four years. I'm hoping that, at the very least, we get some good Agit-tronic music out of this mess.

More DJ/Rupture and Mutamassik. Muslimgauze clones. Go Croatan! More capture of code: politicized relicks of the violently inert; new mash up scenes built on something more substantial than retro cred; homemade videos. Funny not dour. ADF, PE and Le Tigre offspring. More anti-war Hip Hop. Politcal Grime?

For the most part, electronic musics have tended to favour the apolitical route. During the Clinton coma, we Squarepushed, Auteched, Ovaled, etc. - making and consuming a lot of sound for its own sake. Its time the usually latent political potential of our musics was more fully developed. Instead of ironic cool lets have a dose of earnest belief.

Let's not think in terms of scenes, authenticity or virtuosity. Agit-tronics can be all sounds of like mind. DJs, sound makers, video makers, first timers.

Explicit, or implicit in their potential - a very short list of Agit-tronics:

DJ/rupture and Nettle @ Negrophonic
DJ/rupture v. Mutamassik "Shotgun Wedding"
Muslimgauze site
Aaron Spectre/MashIt "No More Destruction Mix"
Slaughter Mob "Saddam"
Madvillain "Strange Ways"

I'll add more as I find it and have time. Please add, exapand, discuss.


Blogger Robert said...

Paul, what do u think of the idea that making sound for its own sake IS a political statement?

4:47 PM


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